Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vintage Greeting Cards

In the past ten years, vintage greeting cards have become very collectible for their art, but I've only been collecting them for five years. My collection consists of a little over two thousand cards, but there are people out there who have thousands more. I share my collection of these great images with the whole world on my Flickr account. Here are just few of those cards to give you a sample of what is out there. And if you want to know the value of vintage greeting cards, you can find a few books on the Internet or at your local Barnes and Noble book store. The more unusual cards and cute animal cards sometimes bring the most money. So if you have an old scrapbook or box of cards from your mother, father or grandparents, think twice before you throw them away or use them as kindling for your next campfire.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Upcycled OOAK Art Doll and Shaker

Believe it or not, this art doll stands eleven inches tall and is made from recycled items that others might think of as trash. His body is formed from a Styrofoam cup and covered with layers and layers of papiermache made from coffee filters, old newspapers and junk mail . His head has been formed around a cardboard roll that was left-over from my packing tape and the white pom-poms on his head are from a 1970's trim that I acquired from a local secondhand shop. To add some character to this art doll, I decided to make him a musical instrument; therefore, I put beans and loose objects from around the house inside his body before I sealed it up. He is now an ornamental shaker.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Etsy's 4th Birthday

I want to shout out A Happy 4th Birthday to Etsy. Happy Birthday Etsy, Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Last year a fellow co-worker and artist told me about Etsy and how the site gave individuals the chance to sell their art and vintage items on the internet. I was a bit skeptical at first, just coming off a major disappointment with another internet selling adventure. But because I like new challenges, I decided to take her advise and start selling my collectibles on Etsy. And just about a week into it, I was hooked. Not only did I sell well, but the site was like non other I've experienced on the Internet. Let me tell you....the fees are low, the staff posts blogs that give tips and tricks to sell well, I can chat with fellow etsians, I can add to my listing anytime I want to, my items stay on the site for 4 months so that I have a better chance of exposure, and I can post a link to my blog, Flickr account or website right within my profile or store information. But believe me, that is not all. If you don't know what "Pounce" is, or the "Time Machine", or the "Treasury" then you are missing out on a great shopping experience. You'd have to check it out for yourself to see all the great things that are available. Hope to see you there soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Free shipping boxes and bubble wrap

A great way to recycle and save money on shipping boxes and bubble wrap, is to work with local big box stores, distribution centers, or manufacturers. Stores usually get new merchandise weekly and not all them reuse or recycle boxes. Take time to visit your local stores and ask them for their unused boxes and wrap. Most are very willing to hand over the boxes because they know it is a great way to recycle unwanted cardboard.

Distribution centers are another great source for boxes. Sometimes they are not able to use all the boxes they have on hand and have to find a way to dispose of them. Unfortunately, most of the cardboard finds its way into the dumpster. I've seen palettes and palettes of new, unwanted boxes, just waiting to be dumped. Just by asking, I've been able to come across some great containers for shipping some of my larger items.

Manufacturers have been another great source for me. A local company not to far from where I live, polishes machine parts and is always getting new equipment and supplies. The shipments they receive are usually generously wrapped in bubble wrap. Once they remove what they want, they no longer have use for the wrap. So guess who gets it? Me.

So don't be shy, just ask. Ask your local businesses if they have cardboard boxes or bubble wrap they no longer want. You don't have to dumpster dive for these treasures and you might be able to plan a weekly or monthly pick-up time with the stores.

Earth Keepers


- to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of.
- to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration.
- to help to pass through a cycle again.

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