Thursday, April 29, 2010

Repurposed Project #1 Make your own cardboard mailer

While trying to find something sturdy to mail a piece of fabric in, I stumbled upon an idea for a handmade mailer made from food boxes. My creative juices started flowing and I constructed a flat cardboard mailer from a Lucky Charms cereal box. The steps are simple and the tools are inexpensive. Follow the instructions below to make your own cardboard mailer.

You will need:
1. Scissors
2. Clear Packing Tape (not gift wrapping tape)
3. A Cardboard Cereal or Food Box

Let's Begin....
1. Start by opening both ends of your food box, making sure not to crease or rip the tabs too much.
2. Flatten the box.
3. Cut along both sides of the box on the folded edges.

4. This should leave the back and front of the box as two separate pieces as shown in picture four.
5-6. Choose which piece will be the front of the mailer and which will be the back. Then cut all four side tabs off of the piece that will be the back of the mailer as shown in picture five and six. Make sure to cut all four tabs, two on one side and two on the other.

7. Now cut both small tabs off of the piece that will be the front of your mailer, as shown in picture seven. Make sure to cut both small tabs, one on one side and one on the other.
8. Your pieces should look similar to the pieces in picture eight below.
9. Pick up the back of your mailer and cut about 1-2 cm off the right and top side, as seen in picture nine. It needs to be just a little bit smaller than the front of the mailer to make it fit well.

10. Place the front of the mailer face down on the table, making sure the graphics are right side up. Then take the back of the mailer, fold it in half (using the existing fold) and match the fold with the bottom half of the mailer that is on the table. See picture ten for details.
11. Secure the two pieces together with a piece of packing tape as seen in picture eleven.
12. Now fold the small tab down and the larger tab over the top as seen in picture twelve.
13. Secure the side with packing tape. I suggest securing the whole side with tape to make it more sturdy.

You are almost done!

14. Turn the mailer over and secure the other edge of the mailer with packing tape too.
Now there should only be two loose flaps on the food box mailer.
15 - 16. Choose one of those two loose flaps and secure it down with tape.
17. Your mailer is Complete!! Fill it, close it up with more tape, label it, and send it out.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! The instructions made it so easy. I just finished making one and can't wait to use it and make more.


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