Monday, June 7, 2010

Play and Pretend

Though I am years away from my childhood, I sometimes have the inkling to play with dolls and stuffed animals. These cute critters that I found on Etsy, have sparked my imagination and brought me one step closer to my youth.

Click on the pictures for more information.

Elephant Bob by pavlucha,
Ginger the Weiner Dog by blackbirdfashion,
The Ballerina Owl by fongstudio,
Nice Beast Hand Puppet by Sackofdevils,
Scandinavian Matryoshka Doll by Ravenhill,
Wool Mama and Baby by Merrimonster,
Girlie Bear by lassothemoon,
Luna Lambkins by freedomrainbow,
Arthur Avocado by sleepyking,
Two Faced Friend Doll by beeperbebe,
International Wooly Egg Girls by asherjasper

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