Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Repurposed Project #4 - Using Your Junk Mail

I walk to the mailbox, open the lid, and pull out several unsolicited pieces of mail every single day. At first, I would dump the envelopes, local grocery ads, and occasional magazine into the green recycling bin that my area recycling center picks up each week. After a few months of feeling wasteful, I began to wondered how I could turn that useless paper into something I could use for my business.
With my handy new shredder by my side, I started to shred my daily junk mail piece by piece and gather it into mesh sacks for easy storing. I shredded envelopes, magazine pages, grocery ads and anything that didn't have important financial information on it. Now I have about four sacks full of shredded paper and I use it during packing. It comes in handy for those small items that need a little extra padding during shipping. The best part about it, is it's free, except for my time and electricity used for shredding.
So get to shredding, if you can...

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