Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alberto Vargas Girls Playing Cards

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Alberto Vargas came by his eye for beauty legitimately . . . His father was a famous portrait photographer in Peru. Alberto studied art in Zurich, Switzerland and at the age of 14 he toured all of Europe's  famed art galleries viewing paintings and sculptures by the hour. His work attracted the attention of publishers everywhere...His big break came in 1919 when he was contracted full time by Florenz Ziegfeld. Vargas "glorified the American Girl on canvas" just as Ziegfeld "glorified the American Girl on the stage."

His biggest accolade came with the world-wide acclaim through the pages of "Esquire" magazine. His first 1940 Girl Calendar was an unprecedented success. After Pearl Harbor, the American G.I.'s took the "Vargas Girls" to the four corners of the earth. Recognition for his efforts came from Peru wherein he received the medal and brevet of Knighthood in the Order Of The Sun. The American Government accorded him a citation for meritorious service to the country.
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