Monday, April 23, 2012

Antique Alley Road Trip

I woke up early Friday morning to the sound of heavy rain hitting my bedroom window. It was the same morning that I planned to go to Antique Alley, a twenty five mile long route of flea markets, tag sales and estate sales. I was a little bummed, but decided that the rain wasn't going to stop me. I have always heard that rainy days are the best days to get good deals because not as many people are shopping. I think several others had the same idea, because I saw plenty of rain coats and umbrellas walking around with eager shoppers underneath.

This year I counted at least 15 flea markets along the route and I didn't even travel the full 25 miles.

I enjoyed just looking at the different booths in the flea markets. Some unique finds to be had - wish I had brought more money.

Be prepared to stop about every 30 feet for some sort of sale at a church, house, barn or country store. There are plenty of sales on the side roads.

To find out more about Antique Alley in Texas, visit the site.
Hope to see you there next time!!

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