Thursday, June 28, 2012

Green Isn't Just Our Name

Recycled Wares' isn't just a name, it represents who I am. I don't sell vintage because it's trendy, I sell vintage because I truly believe in cutting down on waste and helping good items get back into human hands. There are great things from the past to be found, used and recycled, and I enjoy helping them find a home.
But my green mission doesn't stop there, I extend eco-friendly habits into other areas of my business.
  • Office is lit by natural light during the day and energy efficient bulbs at night.
  • Hand make and hand write most my Thank You cards to save on electricity and printing ink. Click here to find out how.
  • Use post consumer paper to make Thank You cards and business cards.
  • Use cereal boxes and other food boxes to make sturdy cardboard mailers. Click here to learn how.
  • Collect cardboard boxes from local schools, and businesses to ship products in.
  • Compost food waste.
  • Shred junk mail to create an alternative packing material to replace peanuts.
  • Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and glass that we can't reuse.
  • Pay bills on-line to cut back on paper waste.
  • Shut down the computer during lunch breaks.
My business isn't huge, but I still can make a small impact on the environment with the little things I do. In one month I save at least 6 bags of garbage waste from going to the dump by shredding junk mail, composting, and recycling. That makes me feel good!

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