Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Happened To It - Vintage Wallpaper

What Happened To It gives a glimpse into the travel and/or transformation of an item once it leaves Recycled Wares' store. Most items are used just as they are, while others are transformed into something totally different.

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This weeks What Happened To It involves vintage wallpaper from the 1980's and the creative mind and hands of Claire Knox, the shop owner of Nice Thing in the UK. Claire purchased the vintage wallpaper from my store in 2012, and then used it to cover a beautiful side table that will be treasured for years. She painted the legs of the table a lovely deep green and highlighted the rim with a splash of red. The top is varnished for protection, so don't worry about using it for more than room decor.

Claire creates beautiful new pieces from old and unloved pieces of furniture. The pieces are found while rummaging around bric-a-brac shops and reclamation yard searching. She believes in reinventing rather than throwing away and thinks that the little imperfections that come with a vintage find only adds to the charm.

The "Palm" table is available for sale in her Etsy store, as well as other upcycled tables in various colors to match just about any decor. Check it out!

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