Friday, October 19, 2012

Old Fashioned Halloween

Several years ago I purchased a box of old papers, and while combing through, I found this old postcard of a group of friends dressed in Costumes. Wanting to know more, I turned the postcard over to see if a date, name or address was written on back. Unfortunately, the card was blank, not a bit of information to be found.

I can only imagine what the faces in this photo are thinking, what their lives where like and why they posed for this photo. There are guys dressed as girls and girls dressed as guys. Some have their faces covered, while others have on silly hats. Some things never change.

Halloween crepe paper party hat by AntiqueShopGirl 

Double top hat carrier with beaver fur top hat by JunkVixen 

 Boho Floppy Brim Hat by bluebutterflyvintage

False Mustache & Goatee by fallaloft

 Felt Clown Cone Hat with Polka Dots by PoisonPuddingFaire 
30s Vintage Mask Lot by stellaranae 
Black Felt Charlie Chaplin Hobo Bowler Hat by JoulesJewels 

1 comment:

  1. Oh Spooky Joy! That photo! These items! This is the most splendid Halloween post I've seen! Delighted to see my seriously hilarious mustaches included. Each one wants to blow you a little BOO kiss!

    Thanks so much!


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