Thursday, May 30, 2013

My First Garden

I'm so excited about starting the process for my first garden. I have never had a vegetable garden before, but I'm planning one for next year planting. I have tried herbs in containers, but nothing from seeds. This should be a real adventure.
Since I live in Texas, the ground isn't really suited for gardening so I will have to build some above ground beds. But before I can even start the gardening, I'll need some really good soil, so I have started a new compost pile. The old compost pile has charcoal bricks and some meat products in it since it was not designed to use as compost, so I am starting new. I was lucky enough to find a small wood structure that someone was throwing out, so this is where my compost will be placed. It's low to the ground, but I think it's wide enough to house some scraps. I was going to use it for a small above ground bed, but changed my mind. Soon it will have a hinged lid to keep the critters out.

The old compost pile is going to be left alone to decompose all the way and then it will be spread on our lawn as fertilizer.

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