Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Are your unused vintage greeting cards, really unused?

I have been selling vintage greeting cards for over six years now and collecting for ten. I have come across several unused cards and tons of used. It is somewhat rare to find a cute card that is unused. If you are lucky enough to get a hold of an old scrapbook from the 1950's or earlier, you probably will get one or maybe two cards tucked inside that have passed the sender's hand without getting signed, but for the most part, they are usually signed. I have even come across several that I thought were unused, but with close examination, was able to find the signature hidden away behind the fold of the card. For some reason, it was popular to hide your signature from the birthday boy or girl. People forget to look the card over for this hidden spot. So if you are buying unused, vintage greeting cards, remember to look in this hidden spot. This only works for cards that have folded layers of paper. See the picture below for a better idea of where to look. And don't forget to check the back of the card, sometimes it's hidden there too.

Earth Keepers


- to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of.
- to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration.
- to help to pass through a cycle again.

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