Friday, October 28, 2011

Simple Last Minute Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

1. Halloween Banner

Instead of stuffing treat bags with candy for the kiddos, use them to make a Halloween banner that can spruce up any area in minutes. I made this one with only six paper treat bags, some string, and hung it along the top of the piano. If you don't have treat bags, you can also use decorative Halloween napkins or empty candy wrappers that have fun and colorful graphics.

2. Creepy Crawly Food

Many stores carry plastic bugs and spiders this time of year. They aren't edible, but so easy to pop on top of snacks to give them that creepy look. I picked up a pack of 30 creatures for under $2.00.

3. Haunted Crackers

Usually only seen around Christmas time, party crackers are a good idea any time of year. I made these party crackers from empty toilet paper rolls and the extra paper napkins I had. I stuffed them with candy, a halloween skull ring, and a small skeleton. Directions on how to make these simple treasures can be found on the internet.  

4. Spooky Branches

This time of year you can pretty much find empty and dead branches in the yard or in a nearby wooded area.  They make instant Halloween decorations and look wonderful in the corner of the room or against a wall. They can help fill in a blank spot, just like this one above, and it's free.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

1970's Halloween Memories

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Maybe it is because my parents enjoyed it just as much as any kid, so their passion for a good costume and holiday fun rubbed off on me. For the most part, family costumes were handmade or the parts were gathered from here and there and assembled into a complete look. The best handmade costume ever had to be the Darth Vader costume my dad made back in 1977, long before Darth Vader masks had ever been sold on the market by a major company. He spent hours handcrafting the mask out of cardboard, plastic milk jugs, and random pieces around the house. He also made the cape and circuit board on his chest. I had fun watching him. The finished product looked so convincing, that even a 6 year old didn't want to stand near him. I guess I was scared??
Scared of Daddy Darth?
Of course, if dad was Darth, then mom had to be Princess Leia. The two made a great match.  

Mom and Dad in 1977

Me dressed in Mom's costume

Some fun Handmade Star Wars accessories for this Halloween Season.

Princess Leia Knitted Hair Buns - by RoyalKane - $99.99

Star Wars Hat R2D2 - by BodyUpholstery - $40

Star Wars Anakin Ep 3 Tunic Costume - by EvaVanecek - $399
Space Princess Baby Costume - by TheGreenHedgeHog - $58
Star Wars ESB Luke Hoth Hat - by MagicWardrobe - $450 
Yoda, This Hat Is - by MaryOriginals - $20

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Summer of Upcycling

Though the Recycled Wares store specializes in vintage, I also love to make crafts that upcycle and recycle vintage items. This summer I focused on using some vintage fabric scraps that I had collected over the years. The fabric scraps seemed too small to use, but I didn't want to throw them away, so from much brain storming and designing, these objects were born.

Pinback Button Covered in 1970's Fabric

Upcycled Puzzle Piece Brooch from 1940's Fabric

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Upcycled People

Talk about major recycling and upcycling, this three person family is made of 1000's of everyday objects, including toys, clock parts, wooden dowels, trinkets and electronics. I visited he Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum this weekend and this sculpture greeted me at the door. I just had to share it.

Earth Keepers


- to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of.
- to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration.
- to help to pass through a cycle again.

Get Paid to Recycle