Thursday, May 30, 2013

My First Garden

I'm so excited about starting the process for my first garden. I have never had a vegetable garden before, but I'm planning one for next year planting. I have tried herbs in containers, but nothing from seeds. This should be a real adventure.
Since I live in Texas, the ground isn't really suited for gardening so I will have to build some above ground beds. But before I can even start the gardening, I'll need some really good soil, so I have started a new compost pile. The old compost pile has charcoal bricks and some meat products in it since it was not designed to use as compost, so I am starting new. I was lucky enough to find a small wood structure that someone was throwing out, so this is where my compost will be placed. It's low to the ground, but I think it's wide enough to house some scraps. I was going to use it for a small above ground bed, but changed my mind. Soon it will have a hinged lid to keep the critters out.

The old compost pile is going to be left alone to decompose all the way and then it will be spread on our lawn as fertilizer.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Graduation Gift Wrapping Ideas

I like to mix vintage with something a little modern. Here are my picks for graduation gift wrapping and cards that mix the old and new.

Wrapping Paper by: 3BearsVintage
Greeting Card by: DanasPaperie

Wrapping Paper by: Paperjacks
Greeting Card by: PrintSmitten 

Greeting Card by: RowHouse14
Wrapping Paper by: TheGooseandTheHound

Wrapping Paper by: PlanetTrout
Greeting Card by: aLouCreations 

1948 Vintage Storybook Paper Dolls by the Merrill Company of Chicago, Illinois

This adorable little set of storybook characters has been popular for many years, they were made into greeting cards by American Greetings and Hallmark. This particular paper doll set was published by the Merrill Company of Chicago, Illinois in 1948. Each doll can transform into four different characters with adorable costumes and hats.
This set was passed down to me from my grandmother's collection. She collected paper dolls for years and at one time had cabinet drawers full of them in cut and uncut condition. This set was hand trimmed by my grandmother and then taped neatly onto black construction paper. I recently removed them from the pages to take these photographs.


This little doll becomes:

Little Red Riding Hood,

Miss Muffet,

The Pumpkin Eaters Wife

and Gretel.



This doll becomes:


Little Bo-Peep,

Snow White,

Curly Locks,

and Goldilocks



She becomes:

Little Miss Muffet,

Jill of Jack and Jill,

Lucy Locket,

and Bessie Brooks


And she becomes:

The Queen of Hearts,

The Real Princess,

Mary Had a Little Lamb,

or Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.

It's not just the girls that get to dress up, this set also has several little boy characters as well.

This little boy has costumes for:

Jack and the Beanstalk,

Little Jack Horner,

Little Boy Blue,

Tommy Snooks,

and Tom Tom

This little boy becomes:

Peter Piper,

Georgie Porgie,


and 2 other unknown characters.

And last but not least, we have:

Bobby Shaftoe,

Peter the Pumpkin-Eater,

Knave of Hearts

or Jack of Jack and Jill.

Earth Keepers


- to alter or adapt for new use without changing the essential form or nature of.
- to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration.
- to help to pass through a cycle again.

Get Paid to Recycle